Thank you for taking the time to find out a little bit more about us and who we are. Our names are Alex and Lydia, you could say we are a couple of high-school sweethearts with a shared passion for beautiful art and crafts. Together since 2014 we shared a dream of owning a small business which celebrated the love that we all hold dear. Today in 2020 we get to share this dream with all of you!

As a team of two we share most responsibilities however we each shine brightly with our own individual talents. Alex is a self-taught graphic designer who deals with all things digital from layout to print. His creativity and passion for design reflects through the heart of our brand. Lydia is the amazing artist and designer who brings our ideas to life through, sketching, painting and capturing our gorgeous collections through the lens.

Our brand is inspired by the wonderful nature that surrounds us through shape and colour. We aspire to source our materials as ethically as possible as we are passionate about this planet and strive to be beautiful yet sustainable.


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