Getting to Coggeshall By Car

There are a few different routes which will take you into Coggeshall by car, three of which are via the A120:

  • Coming from the east, via Marks Tey or Colchester, you will take a left turn onto Colchester Road. This will take you past beautiful lush fields on the left and keep going down to East Street, with its picture-perfect colourful houses.
  • Making your way from Earls Colne, you will have to cross both lanes of the A120 and come down Colne Road, taking you to the east side of the village. Be careful at this junction as it isn’t the most straightforward and lorries turning towards Earls Colne can block your view. Also look out for the markings as these will help you to navigate the junction.
  • Arriving from Braintree, you will need to take a right turn that takes you down West Street and past the football club and vineyard. You will then get closer to the centre, so slow down outside Paycocke’s to admire the incredible timber building.

There are a couple of other routes that also get you to Coggeshall:

  • Kelvedon: if you are coming from Witham or Chelmsford, you will take the exit off the A12 to go through Kelvedon. Turn left off the High Street to head along Coggeshall Road towards the train station, but keep going under the bridge and the road will wind all the way along to Coggeshall.
  • Feering: travelling from Tiptree or if you are coming from Colchester and want to avoid the A120, this is probably the best route for you. Turn off London Road to bring you down Feering Road (also confusingly labelled Coggeshall Road on some maps). It does give you a lovely little detour through Feering and past the stunning Feeringbury Manor that will be hidden by trees, but has its gardens open in the warmer months to raise money for charity.

Getting to Coggeshall by Bus

As Coggeshall is in a more rural area, the bus service is limited; the number 70 goes between Chelmsford and Colchester via Coggeshall. Monday to Friday, the first bus of the day to Colchester will be at Market Hill at 6.39am, and the last bus stops there at 8.46pm. There is a full timetable that we thoroughly recommend you check before heading to a bus stop, just to make sure you aren’t waiting for a long time!

There are a few stops across the village:

Heading east to Colchester:

  • West Street: outside the entrance to Swinbornes Croft
  • West Street: opposite the Green Apron Cookery School
  • Market Hill: outside The Chapel Inn
  • Church Street: near to the beautiful house called Cockerells
  • Church Green: just before the roundabout
  • Colne Road: past the turning to Gurton Road

Heading west to Chelmsford:

  • Colne Road: just before the entrance to Brick Kiln Close
  • Colne Road: around 20 metres down from the entrance to Tey Road
  • Church Street: near to the beautiful house called Cockerells
  • Market Hill: outside Curtain Exchange
  • West Street: a few metres up from Paycocke’s
  • West Street: about 50m further up from West Street Vineyard

It is best to allow around 45 minutes for your bus journey, just to make sure you are on time.

Getting to Coggeshall By Train

Sadly (or not, depending on how you view it!), Coggeshall does not have its own train station. The closest is Kelvedon, which is around a 7-minute drive away. At peak times there are around four trains an hour going to Colchester, Ipswich or London Liverpool Street. During the quieter parts of the day and weekend, there are just two trains an hour. An off-peak day return from Liverpool Street to Kelvedon will cost £24.30, and travelling in the busy hours will put it at £33.20. You can easily get a ticket ahead of time through Trainline or at the station.

There are also other station options including Marks Tey, which is a 10-minute drive away, and Braintree/Braintree Freeport, which are both a 15-minute drive.

If you are looking for a station that isn’t too far but has more options, we recommend Witham. It is around a 15-20 minute drive (in good traffic) and you won’t have to wait long for a train. Plus, they have a lovely warm waiting room with plug points – handy in the cold winter months!

All of these trains are run by Greater Anglia. Don’t forget to check engineering works before you travel!

Getting to Coggeshall By Taxi

When you’re looking for a reliable taxi service to Coggeshall, there are a few companies to choose from, with a range of vehicles available depending on what you need.

The taxi drivers easily know their way around the winding routes of our countryside, meaning you can sit back and relax, knowing you’ll get where you need to be safe, sound and as soon as possible. Here are some of the taxi firms in Coggeshall that we would most highly recommend:

Getting around Coggeshall Community Bus

While you may find it more difficult getting a bus to Coggeshall, there is a community non-profit bus that operates around Coggeshall.

Operated completely by volunteers and invaluable to the residents, it does morning and evening trips to and from Kelvedon station, and midday runs around Coggeshall.

On its website are timetables for each of its services, and also a status update so you know if a driver has overslept! And if that isn’t enough, there is even an app.


Getting around Find a place to park

Parking can sometimes be a nightmare that you just don’t need – especially when you have an appointment to make.

There is a car park behind the village hall, accessed via a little turning just by the library. Once you get to the end of the first bit of the drive, you can turn right to park in the GP surgery (for patients only), or at the top section of this car park. If you turned left, then you can make your way into the main car park, which has over 70 spaces.

Currently, this car park is free, but new controls are being introduced that will introduce charging. We will update this page as soon as we know more.

The Co-op on East Street has a car park – many people choose to part on East Street itself, but that can cause a bit of a blockage! It is free but is for customers so make sure you buy something if you would like to use it.

Finally, there is a car park tucked away behind the Conservative Club on Church Street. This has quite a hidden and narrow entrance so it is easily missed and just make sure you drive carefully when turning into it. You do need to pay for this one and can pay via the Parkonomy website.


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