There are many older people who would love to engage with their wider community just as they used to when they were more mobile or before living in a care home. FaNs make that happen!

At FaNs (Friends and Neighbours) we are passionate about bringing communities together with care homes, to enhance the lives of older people and also the individuals and groups they engage with.

We would love to work with your local community to improve the lives of older people and create community cohesion, not just for those living in Residential Care.

These are just some of the projects we have successfully developed working with community groups, individuals, businesses, faith groups, schools and other youth groups across Essex

  • Wishing Washing Line – enables communities to engage with care homes by granting residents’ wishes that are pegged onto a washing line. The public simply contact the home to make arrangements
  • Walk & Talk – for those who would love to get out and about in their community, meet new friends for a chat and a change of scene, anything to break the normal routine
  • Care Home ‘Bake-Off’ – is very popular with Care Homes who regularly compete with each other. Ingredients are donated by local businesses, local chefs get involved, residents get together and cake is baked and eaten
  • ColchesterUp – builds on the successful “Toddlers in Care Homes”. How about creating CoggeshallUp, enabling inter-generational learning through shared play and creating an opportunity to build friendships between young and old
  • Young FaNs Club – engages under 18’s from local youth groups and schools with their local care homes for the continued inter-generational learning & long lasting relationships. Why not practice that next performance with them!!

This innovative work has benefitted over 1,400 older people and has shown improvements in their physical wellbeing, with fewer doctor call outs and hospital visits, not to mention the great benefit to mental health and mood that comes with being part of a community again.

Please contact us if you would like to get involved!

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My Home Life Essex Community Association (MHLECA)

is the local Charity behind Essex FaNs (Friends & Neighbours)
Charity Number 115084    Company Number 729494


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