PAIN was established years ago to fight the Rivenhall IWMF – a so-called integrated waste management facility, that is actually predominantly an incinerator. Since then it has gone through many changes as the company behind it, Gent Fairhead, attempt to find a way to push it through. They have been rejected in their application to increase the chimney height, with their argument that it is in an ‘industrial’ area completely thrown out. Gent Fairhead is currently trying to get a new permit from the Environment Agency for a lower height, despite the significant impact this would have on the environment and local area

As time has passed since the first applications, science, technology and awareness have all been improving with a greater understanding about how waste should be processed. Additionally, data has shown that recycling is reducing waste and a focus should now be on more sustainable methods, which can be implemented.

Anyone who is concerned about the incinerator can get involved in the campaign. Our work has demonstrated what local groups can achieve, as we have managed to organise thousands of objections to the recent applications.

Contact us via the email provided to see how you can be part of stopping this incinerator from ruining the countryside.


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