‘Spot The Mistake’ is a simple competition involving local shops and businesses.

This how it works ….

The public are invited to purchase ‘Competition Packs’, initially from our stand at the Christmas Market on Saturday 4 December, then the ‘Packs’ will be available from Bake & Blooms from Sunday 5 to Sunday 12 December.

All the participating shops/businesses will have a specific ‘Numbered’ window containing a mistake. Spot the mistake, fill in the answer sheet, post it in the special competition box and that’s it!

The ‘Packs’ will contain an answer sheet, instructions and a location map, along with a free clipboard* & exclusive pen*.

All proceeds will go towards the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations 2022 in Coggeshall.

Have a go!!

Ted Blair

[email protected]

*subject to availability. Be quick!


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