We all experience periods of poor mental health. Whether that be due to life’s challenges or whether you feel you’ve always struggled with mental health challenges, Heads2Minds are here to help you along your way.

We at Heads2Minds understand how people can feel uncomfortable, ashamed, or even silly for voicing their concerns about their mental health to the people around them. Whilst we recognise people are working hard to reduce the stigma around mental health, it has not been wholly achieved yet. Telling your story and expressing that level of vulnerability is a very courageous choice. Here at Heads2Minds, we aim to be a space where people feel safe to share their feelings without judgement or discrimination. Heads2Minds provides you with a secure and understanding environment, reminding you that you are not alone in your struggles. Hardships do pass, and you can always find help with us.

With the current pandemic, we understand how lonely and isolating it may have been for people. Not being able to see and socialise with family, friends or colleagues in the same way, is a real challenge. Our charity doesn’t just provide support to those struggling with mental health challenges. Still, it runs events and workshops that bring people and families together. Time spent with loved ones, connecting, socialising, and meeting new people boosts happiness. It has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression. Why not come along to one of our events and reap these benefits yourself?

Restrictions are easing now, and life is slowly going back to normal, but we at Heads2Minds remind you to take it easy. It’s okay to perhaps feel overwhelmed about getting out and about again. We can provide you with the support you’d like to flourish and succeed.

To find out more, visit: https://heads2minds.co.uk/


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