We all have mental health, if you remove the word mental and put mind! It makes sense. There is a lot of stigma in the word mental however, we all have feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviours. At some point in our lives’, we may have a dip in our mood, experience overwhelm and face challenges. Heads2Minds is here to help you along your way. 

We at Heads2Minds understand that people may feel uncomfortable or ashamed about voicing their concerns about their mental health to the people around them. While people are still working hard to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental health, it is still a work in progress.

Telling your story, can make you feel vulnerable, Heads2Minds aim to provide a space where everyone can feel respected, listened to, and understood without judgement or discrimination. Heads2minds encourage you to speak your truth and empower you to do this.

Since coming out of a global pandemic we understand how people can find it challenging to readjust to ‘normality’ and the ever-changing world, we live in. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and you will realise you are not alone.

Starting again in October, Heads2Minds will provide ‘Chill and Chat’ workshops based in the centre of Coggeshall fortnightly on a Monday evening between 6 pm-8 pm at Bakealicious. We will provide complimentary drinks and snacks and have a lovely group of people who come along and share their stories and just chat! Through these sessions, we have been able to help anyone and everyone to connect, socialise, and meet new people, which has proven to improve people’s happiness and reduce loneliness.

As well as our ‘chill and chat’ workshop we are regularly organising other community-based events to support people and improve their overall mental health and wellbeing. If you are interested in getting involved with your community and helping others with their mind health or feel you need support with your mental health challenges, please visit our website for upcoming events and support : www.heads2minds.co.uk


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