How we are going to support the community

This website was set up last year to try and help local businesses and groups and just generally the community by disseminating information. It is a platform for the whole community to use and isn’t limited to Coggeshall, but covers the surrounding area.

As a small business owner, the current environment is terrifying. Everyone is doing what they can to figure out a way to survive and what is fantastic is that many seem to be finding ways this can be done together.

So here is the start of what we will do:

  1. Encourage everyone to add listings on this site – we will also update the listings as quickly as we can for those who are having to change what they do or add new services to their business
  2. Adverts on this website previously had a small fee but now they are all free. If you would like an advert, email [email protected] and I will reply with details of what we need from you to create the adverts
  3. We have added a new forum to this website – please use this and tell others as I know many are not on FB and they can use this to spread the word about local support and community groups. Go to the main menu above and find ‘forum
  4. If anyone is worried about their revenue streams and wants to think about online opportunities, we will do free half hour phone calls or video chats to go through options that people may want to consider (this will not be pushing any of our services) – call 07545824715
  5. You can write blog posts that I will put up here to promote your business or services – email me at [email protected]
  6. I can post to the @coggeshallessex Instagram account to promote businesses or services you offer. Email [email protected] with a post and caption or message me directly via Instagram

If you have any ideas at all about how we can support businesses or work together, then please do give me a call on 07545824715.

We are working on more ideas and I am sure everyone will continue to think innovatively to do what they can to keep going.

Let’s find a way through this together.


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