Pancake racing at Market Hill

Today saw children and adults compete in the annual pancake racing on Market Hill, with delicious freshly made pancakes available from the Coggeshall Catering Company.

Pancake racing at Market Hill has been a fun community event for years, organised by Hazel Picknell-Stride. However, unfortunately, Hazel was unable to carry this on and it looked like it was simply not going to happen. Luckily, Michael Staines of Stock Street Farm Barn stepped in with a couple of weeks to go. He was an amazing host, and over 50 children and adults ended up racing with their pancakes up from outside Norman’s and past the clocktower.

Even better, Coggeshall Catering Company set up a stall selling pancakes to everyone who wanted one, not just those doing the racing.

With the weather having been so awful recently, it was a great afternoon and showed a fantastic community spirit.


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