Supporting the community: Vital Workplace Training

Vital Workplace Training is a business based in Coggeshall that offers a range of training courses all bespoke and tailored to individuals or organisations. Richard and Dan are the team behind Vital and their mission is to make training engaging and relevant rather than broad and boring. From first aid courses to fire safety training, they can ensure they provide you with the skills you need. Given restrictions that are in place and difficulties in doing face to face training, they can even offer virtual training to ensure you are meeting whatever regulations you need to.

The reason why we want to write about Vital Workplace Training is that they are a business that goes out of their way to support the local community. They have given support in a number of different ways that have all been so valuable.

Back in September, a Make & Grow Show with an Eco Fair was held on the Recreation Ground. This was one of the first events many people will have been to since lockdown back in March. There were a number of stalls all spaced out, refreshments, music and talks all held in a safe way.

Vital Workplace Training provided food hygiene training to a number of volunteers involved in the event, so they could run the refreshments stall, which raised money for the Big Park Project. This was even trickier than usual given everything around COVID, but Richard and Dan helped to provide clear training and guidance in how to manage the logistics of the stall as well as the preparation of the food. Not only did Vital provide training before this event, they also attended to give first aid support on the day.

More recently, they again provided support for a fantastic event, Coggeshall Christmas. Ahead of the day, they reviewed the risk assessments to see if any advice was needed to keep it safe from a general management point of view, as well as giving a more specific perspective around COVID. Once the day came round, they set up a first aid stand and kept an eye on how things were going. This was such a relief for those involved in the organisation of Coggeshall Christmas, as without their help, the event may not have gone ahead.

If you need any training whether it is for you personally or your business, then Vital Workplace Training can help. I can speak from my personal experience that they really think about what you need to learn to ensure the training they provide doesn’t cover irrelevant information. This ensures sessions are interesting, efficient and with their style of teaching, fun!


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